Freitag, 2. August 2013

Meine Nagellacksammlung Part 1

Avenue maintain,dj playthat song,Camera,Lights,Island Hopping,Mademoiselle

191 gigantic,320unforgettable,250so cool,10sensuality,222artful,
540poem,207 stormy,140 flirt with me,13 stylish,270 scandal,750 drama

840 Genius in the bottle,900 steel my heart,200 from Dusk to Dawn,
600 after Eight,330 Absolutely Chinchilly,240 Sold out Forever,530 Up in the Air,400 Blue Cara Ciao,Birds flying high,
560 Rusty but Sexy,160 Sweets for my Sweets,820 Pimp my Shrimp,690 Fred Said Red,60 Bloody Mary 2 Go,550 Marylin&Me

29 Everybodys talking about,31Hypnotic Poison,50 Irreplaceable,38 Choose me,72 Time for romance,5 Sweet as candy,
122 chic reloadéd,144 black is back,oh my glitter,109 off to Miami,106 free hugs